NZ Pork Sausages & Mash (GF)

NZ Pork Sausages & Mash (GF)

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Pork sausages, creamy mash, peas, caramelised onions, rich gravy.

Sausages are prepared specially for fresh chef from scratch by our local butcher.  We cook sausages from raw and snap freeze for a succulent, pork sausage.   


Gluten Free & Allergies

In our Gluten Free (GF) meals we do not put ingredients that contain gluten. But due to the nature of our kitchen being a busy restaurant Kitchen. Our dishes are not celiac.  Because of the tiny traces of gluten required to create a non-celiac environment: we do not have a celiac friendly environment.  

 Meals are prepared in a Restaurant Kitchen that may contain traces of sulphites, cereals containing gluten (e.g. wheat), garlic, shellfish, eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, soybeans, sesame seeds, tree nuts and lupin.