Frozen is the New Fresh!

At Fresh Chef - we believe Frozen meals made with FRESHLY sourced, high quality ingredients have the nutritious goodness locked in over time.  And that nothing beats meals prepared by genuine Restaurant Chefs, passionate experts who lovingly craft flavour and the food science of frozen!

Our mission is to deliver that goodness right to your door. 


In this Blog post - Kerry from Fresh Chef explains..


I remember as the child watching a McCain's ad on TV.

There was a chef with a hat on.. preparing a meal.  putting the meal on a plate. Narrated like a fancy cooking show.  But just when you would expect the meal to be delivered to eagerly waiting people.


The chef is blast frozen - chef, meal and all..  with the catchphrase at the end of the commercial saying something like "Locking in the nutrients at the peak of Freshness".. 

I might have got it wrong.. but at that was my first memory of the science behind freezing food to keep its nutrient value over time..

I tried looking for the ad to show you.. but all you get when you google "McCain" is lots of american political stuff of "Trump Vs McCain".. we will stick to our Frozen food thanks google!

 This is a poster I'm going to print large to put in Jay's Kitchen for his team.. maybe I'm promoting the competition?  But Mcains got it right when they produced this poster.. Freezing food locks in the freshness! 

Don't waste precious time and nutrients, freeze your meals to heat and eat later! 


And hey what about this poster..

Fresh Vs Frozen


 See enlarged diagram below.


McCain's "The Cold Facts" campaign.

Info from:

Deutsches Tiefkuhlinstitu (German Frozen Food Institute) - Maureen Garner, MS, RD, LD

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Freezing locks in the Freshness (Freshness = macro & micro-nutrients, flavour, with NO: oxidisation, microbial spoiling, preservatives).. Let the food grow in the ground or on the vine until it's Ripe with maximum nutrients! Most of the time our food is picked green, before mother nature has has a chance to do her work. Ask yourself, how old is that food you're eating? Frozen is the new Fresh! If we use Fresh, ripe (etc) ingredients and snap freeze them at the peak of freshness 

 And sneak in a few decades of getting flavours right in a restaurant and then a number of years perfecting how to freeze those flavours and freshness safely and efficiently... Boom, fresh chef in your freezer! *Rant over*

*Values may vary according to external factors



  • I love corned beef slow cooked properly but buying frozen meals its always tough when you go to eat the meal – with yours though it was beautiful – pulled apart, easy to eat and the mustard sauce is Perfect. Thank you I enjoyed your meals more than you know. Will be ordering again when finished what I have.

    Marilyn Davies
  • My husband & I had our first roast beef yesterday. We were very impressed. Hubby kept raving about it.

    Margarett James

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