Price Adjustments & Quality Promise

You may have noticed most of our One Off & Subscription Dishes have increased by $1 per dish.

Over the last few months we have absorbed a number of recent price rises to the cost of our produce, labour and shipping.

Shipping The increased cost of shipping as New Zealand courier companies invest in ensuring our ability to send perishable goods overnight is compromised as little as possible during these unprecedented times. 

 We are very grateful for their investment which supports so many kiwi's to eat better by having great food delivered to their doorstep.  

Labour Costs: The cost of living to our hard-working team: especially groceries and transport have mean't pay rises will be a necessary part of our commitment to our incredible team mates and their families.  

Price Rises: We respect and know that fans of fresh chef value their money and time which is the reason why Fresh Chef is growing as our fans value having Fresh Chef meals in their freezer.

    We recently had to increase the price of our local restaurant meals (which is never fun) to meet the increases in costs and we've done our best to absorb them at Fresh Chef.

    But the time has come.  We need to ensure we can continue to support New Zealand to eat well.  We can do this by continuing to put the best, freshest ingredients from our local producers into your meals.  And by continuing to use real restaurant Chefs to produce small batches of tasty food - we need to increase our prices at Fresh Chef. 


    Price Adjustments


    Price Per Meal
    Sticky Date Pudding
    Reduced Price by $1
    We found a supplier of high quality dates at a lower price.
    13x One Off Meals Increased by $1 Due to increase in prices of Fresh Ingredients, Proteins and Dairy Products.
    Subscription Boxes Increased by $1 per dish on Weds 11th May
    Due to increase in prices of Fresh Ingredients, Proteins and Dairy Products.

    Our Quality Promise 🌱

    If produce and ingredients are sourced as fresh as possible - then Snap Freezing is known as one of the best way to lock in nutrients!

    No more eating produce that was picked 2 weeks ago! (don't get me started.. .more on that in another blog post!)

    We will not compromise when it comes to freshness and quality.  

    We won't put nasties or filler ingredients in our food to mask inferior quality ingredients. 

    Only the best, restaurant quality ingredients go into your meals.  Prepared by myself and my team of passionate, hard working chefs.

    And their vac-packed and snap frozen at their peak of freshness!


    Commitment to Innovation - we're listening! 

    We are committed to listening to your feedback and continuing to provide you with the meals you love.....  investing time and development in making it easier to have our tasty meals in your freezer at home. 

    What you wanted What we're doing 
    Something new! Moroccan becomes available 
    Taste! Put ham back in he mac and cheese!.. Menu update 21/3/22
    Better Spuds! We are trialing Potato mash with our roasts starting... XX/3/22.   Into the future we are constantly sourcing seasonal varieties of Potato that lend themselves to being snap-frozen. And ensuring our fans know how to heat our meals correctly. 
    Whole meals! Fresh Corn with Ribs to add more nutritional variety to to the Ribs meal.
    New ingredients

    Searching for quality new ingredients to introduce to new future dishes

    More sustainability 

     We are actively searching for ways to use more sustainable packaging - like our new biodegradable bin liners helping to ensure meals stay frozen. 



    Thanks for reading.  Myself and the team appreciate you greatly!