Shipping Info V2 OLD

You can buy a one-off order of frozen meals or subscribe to a meal pack. Orders will arrive Tuesday to Friday.  

Orders ship in 6,8 or 16 Meal Boxes.

Public Holiday orders:

We do not ship from Fresh Chef the day of and prior to Public Holidays.

Good Friday & Canterbury Anniversary Friday (2nd Friday in November:

 We do not ship on the Thursday prior to these dates.

All other NZ Public Holidays fall on Mondays.  


Subscription Orders

Urban & Residential: (Non-Rural) Subscription Orders have free shipping.

Rural Orders: Because of the extra cost associated with Shipping to our rural postcode friends. Rural subscriptions have a fee attached to each order currently $5 for South Island and $10 for North Island.

Rural 16 Box Shipping Increase: *Please note** on January 15th 2022: Shipping for Rural subscription orders of 16 meals will be increasing from $10 to $23 due to the increased cost of shipping heavy boxes to rural addresses.  We are calling our fans and encouraging them to get orders shipped to a friend or family members address that is Urban or Residential to get free shipping

One-off orders

One-off order Shipping prices are below:

# Meals>

6 & 8 


South Island 



South Is. Rural



North Island 



North Is. Rural




Urban Daily order cut-off:

Our Daily Order cut-off is 7pm. For next day shipping.

We Ship Mon-Thurs for arrival Tues-Fri


Rural Daily order cut-off:

Because we only ship rural three times per week our rural order cut-off is more flexible cut-off of 7am.

Rural Order cut-off 7am daily. Rural orders ship Mon-Weds for arrival Tues-Fri 



Courier Companies

At present we use:

 North Island Urban & Residential

Leaves Fresh Chef:

Mon-Thurs 2.30pm 



All South Island

Leaves Fresh Chef:

Mon-Thurs 9.30am

All NZ Rural 

Leaves Fresh Chef:

Mon-Weds 9.30am

North Island Urban & Residential: NZ Courier (red vans) leave Fresh Chef Mon-Thurs @ 9.30am

NZ Wide Rural: Courier Post (yellow vans) Leave Fresh Chef Mon-Weds @ 2.30pm

South Island Urban & Residential: Courier Post (yellow vans). Mon-Thurs @ 9.30am


Shipping for Subscriptions

Subscriptions are shipped to your Door on a Tuesday - Friday of your chosen frequency. Please note rural may take longer than overnight.

Visit the subscriptions page for more information

Email us on

or Call us on 0800-578-247 (this is our Restaurant phone number - leave a message as we may be busy during service times)



We offer the pickup option for our fans in the 7400 Rangiora post code.

You can Pickup Orders Free from Fresh Chef in Rangiora from Five Stags Rangiora at the Arlington Shops, 29 Huntingdon Drive, Rangiora.

Pickups are available Monday - Thursday from 2.00pm.  Standard Order cut-off of 7pm applies.



Does my Food Stay Frozen?

Yes, we have a proven packing and shipping system that allows for two and a half days.  Over 93% of our orders arrive overnight.  If something goes wrong with shipping delays, which is rare - the top meals may start to soften. These meals could go straight into your fridge for consumption if partly frozen.   


I forgot to add order Instructions to my order

For NZ Post (South Island or All Rural)

For NZ Post (South Island or Rural Orders) - Access the tracking information from your order.  This is sent when your order has been picked up and scanned by your Courier driver.

To add a note to the delivery while it's in transit you can click: 
Delivery Options
Please do check they've followed your instructions though!
You will receive a notification when your order arrives.

NZ Couriers (All North Island Non-Rural)

Give them a call from a landline on  0800 800 841
Or if using a cellphone Click here to find your nearest branch phone number.



How long can rural deliveries take?

Rural deliveries may not arrive overnight.  Our frozen food delivery system allows up to 2.5 days.