Check out the new pasta dish!

Spring Menu Replacement Dishes

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Have an existing subscription?

Spring menu changes start 7pm Sunday 17th October 2021!

If you have an existing subscription with

  • Fish & White Sauce,
  • Chocolate pudding,
  • Mango Chicken Curry,
  • Chicken Pasta
  • or Lamb Roast

Any subscription orders after 7pm Sunday will have a Spring seasonal alternative.

From Sunday 7pm any orders with selected Winter Dishes will be changing to our Spring dishes - don’t worry - this will happen automatically, so if your happy with the Spring replacement - you don't have to do anything. But its a great time to look at your selections.  

Try the new dishes!

Check out the *New* dishes on the menu. All dishes on the menu are available in your subscription selections.


Want to try new dishes or not happy with the Alternatives? Lets change-up your next subscription order!

if you need help you can learn How do I Manage my Subscriptions by clicking that link.

You can email us what changes you want to make on

Or you can also click the messenger chat link in the right hand corner to chat with us.