Spring Menu Replacement Dishes

Helpful links: How do I Manage my Subscriptions

Have an existing subscription?

Spring menu changes start 7pm Sunday 17th October 2021!

If you have an existing subscription with

  • Fish & White Sauce,
  • Chocolate pudding,
  • Mango Chicken Curry,
  • Chicken Pasta
  • or Lamb Roast

Any subscription orders after 7pm Sunday will have a Spring seasonal alternative.

From Sunday 7pm any orders with selected Winter Dishes will be changing to our Spring dishes - don’t worry - this will happen automatically, so if your happy with the Spring replacement - you don't have to do anything. But its a great time to look at your selections.  

Try the new dishes!

Check out the *New* dishes on the menu. All dishes on the menu are available in your subscription selections.


Want to try new dishes or not happy with the Alternatives? Lets change-up your next subscription order!

if you need help you can learn How do I Manage my Subscriptions by clicking that link.

You can email us what changes you want to make on jay@freshchef.nz

Or you can also click the messenger chat link in the right hand corner to chat with us.