The Fresh Chef Story

The Fresh Chef Story

We started and continue to run Fresh Chef Frozen meals from our busy local restaurant just as the first lockdown started.  Basically because we had a whole lot of beautiful fresh ingredients arrive which could all go to waste at the talk of lockdown closing the restaurant!

How fresh was the restaurant ingredients? Super fresh!  Because I'd spent years developing a supply chain better than any supermarkets from paddock to plate that our local diners appreciated!  

We quickly turned our fresh ingredients into restaurant quality meals, we vac packed & snap froze them and sold them locally.   

We quickly began going "mad-science" about learning more about how nutrients are locked in from snap-freezing - and how we could capture the goodness and restaurant quality flavour we'd developed over decades of kitchen grind.   We soon knew we could help New Zealand eat better!  We were Chef's that became hooked on the food science of frozen meals.  And we wanted to share our knowledge and our meals with New Zealand!