Truffle Mac n Cheese
Truffle Mac n Cheese
Truffle Mac n Cheese
Truffle Mac n Cheese

Truffle Mac n Cheese

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Macaroni pasta cooked al dente with loads of gooey, velvety béchamel sauce where chef has melted three cheeses: Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzarella to deliver a rich, warm savoury sensation when the velvety cheese meets the golden, sweet - saltiness of oven glazed ham finished with truffle oil.

Waiting in your freezer, ready when you are.

  • Al dente macaroni
  • Three cheese béchamel sauce
  • Oven glazed fresh cut ham off the bone
  • Unique truffle-hit!
  • Gooey, warm, rich & savoury

    See behind the scenes in the video below about this dish that's been inspired by Jay's time in New York - where Mac n' Cheese is popular as a snack, meal or side in great homely restaurants.


    • Netflix & Chill on those cold nights!
    • Anyone who needs their soul warmed-up (...we got you!)
    • Best for cheat-day at the gym!


    • Contains Gluten 
    • Also Contains:  Egg, Wheat, Dairy, Onion.
    • Protein: 30g.
    • Carbs: 58g.
    • Fat 17g.
    • Sodium: 1080g.

    For a detailed list of ingredients in this and other meals please see the Allergy and Nutritional information Document or the Nutritional information on the bottom of the meal.

    Chef Note: What's Béchamel? A fancy Chef term for white sauce. Add cheese and it becomes Cheese Sauce. 

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